Journey Home: Ain’t Got Long


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Featuring twenty tracks: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, Will You Miss Me, Blind Barnabus, Give Me Just a Little More Time, Ain’t Got Long, When I Die, Garden Hymn, Oh, Death, Wondrous Love, Saints Delight, Pass Me Not, Weeping Mary, Two Coats, Where Shall I Be, Hark of All, Sons of Levi, As the Songbird, St. Stephen, Long Journey, Waiting For Me

Journey Home is Sylvia Herold, Doug Olsen, Tom Wagner, Patrice Haan, Marlene McCall, Mary O’Brien, Caroline Bonnet, and Riggy Rackin. A vibrant musical niche that few concert-goers or even musicians are aware of thrives across the globe: a dozen or so folks meeting in living rooms, quiet pubs, ship’s holds, or church basements, to sing together in sweet, intuitive harmony. It may be hymns, or drinking songs, or chanteys, but the essential element is the delicious pleasure of a song well-sung by a group of friends. One such group has been meeting for weekend retreats at Bishop’s Ranch near Healdsburg, CA for the last few years. It was an honor to be able to sing our folk spirituals and gospel songs in the ranch’s acoustically-phenomenal chapel, where this recording was made.  We hope you will enjoy Ain’t Got Long, and sing right along with us!


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